Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018

Dear Ecumenical Colleagues in Christ,


Christmas Greetings from the National Council of Churches in Bangladesh!


May the joys and peace of the Advent of Christ overflow throughout the whole creation! HE Himself is the Peace Incarnation who clothes us with His infinite Just-Peace and Reconciliation. We all are part of this glorious communion with the Lord.

For the sake of human sins, our Lord sends His only beloved son Jesus Christ for the salvation and to show us the way for entering the Eternal life. Jesus Christ was here in this sinful world to spread His love and compassion to the whole human kind. Let us rejoice by the name of our Great Lord Jesus Christ for His earthly life of unconditionally Unique Love, Teaching, Service and Sacrifice. And let’s make a desire and contemplating ourselves that we will proclaim His Great name and always lift His name high as a disciple Jesus announces liberation and restoration as important features of his ministry, and the poor and the marginalized as the inheritors of the Reign of God that he had come to announce. However, discrimination and exclusion – social, cultural, economic, and political – are a debilitating and oppressive reality in the lives of many groups of people.  These realities pose the challenge that the paths to Justice and Peace are difficult but are to be taken in faith as an inevitable part of our affirmation of faith in the God of life.

December, the month of Victory for us as a Nation. We achieved Independence on 16 December, in 1971 through nine months of struggle, enormous suffering and countless blood shade offerings of lives. It is really a highest Joyous day of Celebration! But on the other hand we still are enduring through an affliction. Literally, the great aspiration of freedom fighters has not yet been established. As we see still people are starving for food, crying for shelter and living place, fighting with injustice and humiliation and overall poverty exist everywhere.

 In these very joyous days of Victory days and Christmas days celebration we affirm to the whole world that we are brave and patriotic, and can stand and confront any obstacles that come before us with the greater Unity, Love, and Service. We can do these with our humble but strong determination and uncompromising dedication that we nurture deep inside our heart. Let the inner power of Joy in Greater Unity transfer into the strength for fight against all evils to defeat – is a calling of this forthcoming Victory days and Christmas!


We thank you for your Prayer and Fellowship with us at this Christmas, and wish you a Happy and Blessed New Year!


Rev.David A. Das




General Secretary

On Behalf of the whole NCCB family