Mission,Vision & Ministries


All Churches in Bangladesh will be vibrant and faithful Body of Christ through fulfilling the Mission given by Lord Jesus Christ by extending His kingdom in our Context,  so that – Thy Will be done in our midst.


By enhancing the growth and maturity of individual Church and her members in their own context, so that they can become self-sustaining entities, equipping them to be committed to fulfill the mission mandate of Lord Jesus Christ by Attempting great things for God and Expect great things from God for the people of this country; And by addressing all people, irrespective of religions, race, class, economic status and ethnic identity to bring sustainable and total transformation in all aspects of their lives to .

Ministries we pursue to fulfill the Mission

  • Bringing believers of the Churches and other faith people to confront the Challenges of Ecumenism in Mission and Evangelism today.
  • Fostering rights and dignity of Women, Youth, and Indigenous people by empowering them in decision making leadership towards transformation.
  • Serving Children and Adolescent for their sustainable overall development as leaders of Church and Society tomorrow for a change.
  • Ensuring efforts to bring Just-Peace by establishing human rights and justice for all in the Church and Society.
  • Ensuring Physical, Mental and Spiritual health care services to the members of all Churches and Society for holistic healing.
  • Encouraging the stewardship, transparency, integrity, accountability and other Christian Values in the Churches and the Council.
  • Serving disasters affected people through emergency humanitarian support, rehabilitation and sustainable development initiatives.
  • Fostering reconciliation, counseling, and peace by ensuring efforts to reduce and resist anxiety, stress, and conflicts in the Church and Society.
  • Responding and making efforts in national and international Issues, obstacles and crisis through various possible initiatives.